A Room of Their Own: Designing A Playroom Your Grandchildren Will Love
A Room of Their Own: Designing A Playroom Your Grandchildren Will Love

When the nest empties, it doesn’t always stay that way. There’s nothing better than borrowing the grandkids for a few days and getting some quality time with them. No wonder so many empty-nesters create fun playrooms for visiting grandchildren.

McKenzie homeowners Mark and Jayne Owens designed a bonus room for their Zionsville home in The Willows. They converted it into a playroom for their granddaughter and grandson. The Owens added a big-screen television, a Wii, board games, and a toy box to make the space an inviting hangout. “They love it,” says Mark. “It’s the first place they go when they’re both over here.”

If you’re creating a playroom for your own grandkids, here are a few tips for designing a space they’ll love:

Personalize the space.
It’s tempting to plan a playroom that matches your tastes, but designing a room for your grandkids is all about catering to their interests. If they love the Colts, a blue and white theme is perfect, while a granddaughter who loves ballet might prefer a classically decorated room with plenty of bows.

Storage, storage, storage.
Books and toys clutter up a room quickly, especially if you’re the type of grandparent who just can’t help yourself from spoiling the kids. Make cleanup easier with plenty of bins and cabinets to disguise the mess. As a bonus, you’ll head off any battles about cleaning the room.

Grow with them.
Your grandkids won’t stay little for long, and their needs will change as they get older. Preteens and tweens may use the space less as a playroom and more as a center for homework and creative projects. For example, McKenzie homeowners Craig and Irene Hart’s oldest grandchild now uses their playroom as a space to write and draw at their Fishers home in Mill Ridge Farms. Plan ahead by buying furniture that can adapt as they get bigger, such as a convertible crib.

Paint by numbers.
Choose paint colors wisely, too. Just because your grand-three-year-old loves neon green right now doesn’t mean she always will. And if you don’t want to repaint in a few years, you might want to reconsider any especially bold choices. Removable decals make a good alternative for adding colorful touches without committing.

Sharing is caring.
Creating a playroom for multiple grandchildren to share? Room dividers help cousins and siblings coexist peacefully, even in shared quarters. Bookshelves do double-duty as partitions and storage. Or you can use hanging sheets to give the room a pillow fort feeling.

Ultimately, your grandkids will love their room at your house because visiting means they get to see you, but adding extra touches and personalizing the space can make the trip extra special.

Have a bonus playroom in your house? We’d love to see the space. Share your photos with us by tweeting to @MadeByMcKenzie. For more inspiration, follow us on Pinterest or call (317) 574-7616 to set up a tour.

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