Top Things to Ask a Custom Homebuilder
Top Things to Ask a Custom Homebuilder

At McKenzie, our passion is custom homes because they cater to custom lifestyles. For a house to become a true home, it needs to fit just right—a perfectly suited space that provides comfort and safety, and holds memories and company.

We also recognize that if you’re thinking about a custom home for the first time, it can feel a bit overwhelming. At McKenzie, we’re delighted to answer any and all questions you might have. Customization is really about personalization. No question is too silly. No desire is too small. We live for the details, to make sure they’re a perfect fit for you and your family.

As you consider working with a custom homebuilder, whether it’s here at McKenzie Collection or not, here are some important points to consider.

1. Some investigative homework ahead of time will save you headaches down the road. Ask for references from recent buyers. Drive by recent builds to see how they appeal to you visually. Ask recent customers whether they would use the same company again.

2. Will the homebuilder give you a tour of current projects? Get a feel for the quality and cleanliness of the job first hand.

3. What are the means and methods the homebuilder will use to price your home – detailed specifications or allowances?

4. Does the home site affect the plans and price?

5. What’s the design process like and how will you know when a decision is needed? Are they willing to work with your designer?

6. How does the homebuilder select their suppliers and sub-contractors? Have they worked together for a long time?

7. Communication throughout the project is especially important. Ask how the homebuilder will communicate with you during construction.

8. Who will be at your home every day?

9. How does the homebuilder handle changes?

10. What does the schedule look like?

11. What type of documentation will the homebuilder provide you?

12. What sort of warranty is in place, and how is it administered?

Remember this: No question is out of bounds. If it’s a potential concern to you now, it could turn into a serious problem down the road. Don’t let fear or uncertainty be the reason you settle for less than your dream home. And know that all of us here at McKenzie Collection are happy to serve you (and your many questions).

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