An Insider’s Guide: The Willows in Zionsville
An Insider’s Guide: The Willows in Zionsville

A new model recently opened in The Willows, and with only ten lots left, we’ll soon celebrate the completion of one of the McKenzie Collection’s most popular neighborhoods.

Here to tell us a little about what makes The Willows and the surrounding Zionsville community so great are Becky Newman and Mark Sanders, two McKenzie homeowners and Willows residents. They shared their thoughts on some of Zionsville’s best-kept secrets and why they believe the value of a Zionsville home is unbeatable.

Becky Newman
Realtor at Encore Sotheby’s International Realty

Why she chose The Willows: I came to Zionsville 27 years ago. After almost 20 years in our home, and with the kids all out of school and having families of their own, we decided to pare down to an empty-nester community—and we could not be happier. We have a wonderful, manageable home where all of the exterior work on the home and yard is done by “someone else.”  We enjoy walking the neighborhood trails and visiting the neighborhood pool in the summer; it’s especially nice having a baby pool to take our grandchildren to. We also live on a small lake and have a dock and a canoe. We spend many summer evenings sitting out by the lake sipping on a glass of wine watching the sunset or just fishing.

What makes her neighborhood unique: Our neighborhood is unique in as much as most everyone is retired, so there’s more time for socialization in the neighborhood. We enjoy going out and meeting friends for dinner and going over to someone’s to sit out by the fire pit in the evenings. We have neighborhood get-togethers and dinners-out that involve most of our neighborhood, if they are available. In the summer there are free concerts in Lincoln Park. We’ll bring a chair, a drink, and a light dinner and enjoy the music—it’s free!

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Where to eat in Zionsville: When we go out, we like to hit some of the local eateries.  We do like to go to The Salty CowboyCobblestone Grill, or Noah Grant’sIts fun to go to the local places for many reasons: we like to support our local establishments, enjoy good food and great company, and we always run into people that we know.

Best trails in Zionsville: If I walk, jog or bicycle I like to go to Starkey Park—it is one of the best kept secrets in Zionsville. There, you can ride the Rail Trail to the park, have a picnic on the 100-foot bridge and then walk the park. It is very, very hilly and Eagle Creek runs right through it.

Must-do for Zionsville visitors: If we have out-of-town guests, one of our very favorite places to share with them is the Traders Point Creamery where they offer superb food with loads of character and charm, especially in the summer when they have their Farmer’s Market with music and freshly grilled foods.


Mark Sanders
President and CEO of the Sanders Companies

Why he chose The Willows: The Willows is a quiet neighborhood. I moved to The Willows because I don’t need a big yard, and I was ready for an empty-nester place where I could focus my time on other things. The homes here and the quality is as good as they come, and people who make up the neighborhood are quality, too. It’s a community-focused development.

What makes the location ideal: I like easy access to all the different major routes and destinations. I can hop on 465 or get to The Fashion Mall at Keystone. It’s in a great location. Nearby, the friendly downtown is always a good place to go. There are several different types of shops if you like to go shopping, and they try to keep that unique, boutique look, right down to the brick streets.

On the value of Zionsville: I’ve been in the Zionsville community since 1981. I’ve lived here all my life. The schools itself in Zionsville are just outstanding, and a lot of people take a lot of pride in the community and so forth. With all that, it’s a quality place to live and the value will always be here in Zionsville as far as the housing market is concerned. People will always want to move here, and for the value and the dollar, it just doesn’t compare to what you find elsewhere.

To learn more about The Willows, contact Carla Gilbert.

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