Energy Efficiency & the Business of Comfort
Energy Efficiency & the Business of Comfort

The great thing about living in a four-season state like Indiana is that each season comes with its own unique set of “firsts”: the first bloom in the garden, the first day at the pool, the first falling leaf, the first snow. There’s always something to look forward to, just around the corner.

But you know what you never hear? People don’t often get too excited about “the first weed-and-feed” or “the first furnace cleaning” or “the first early morning shoveling of the driveway.” Those are some of the seasonal jobs we accept along with the joys, and frankly, it would take a special kind of person to get excited about them.

“No one thinks about it until it’s broken”

Tom Melangton of Edge Guys Heating & Cooling is one of those people who does get excited about seasonal home maintenance. If you ask him what he does, he’ll say he’s in the “business of comfort,” and that’s actually pretty accurate. Whenever the season calls for heating and cooling services, Tom and the rest of the Edge Guys team are the professionals responsible for providing our McKenzie homeowners relaxation and peace of mind.

“Heating and cooling is one of those areas where no one thinks it about until it’s broken, and then it becomes an emergency,” says Tom. “We’re the ones who make sure busy homeowners don’t have to remember to change the filters and clean the unit. Our goal is to provide comfort to a point where you don’t even recognize we’re here.”

Besides physical comfort, Tom’s services provide some financial comfort too. According to Tom, a clean, working system will keep utility bills low, and for additional savings, owners can call Edge Guys to replace their old furnaces and water heaters with high-efficiency units.

“Homes are built a heck of a lot better now”

Of course, when it comes to heating, a truly comfortable home starts with smart and efficient construction—something Travis Dunn of TSI Energy Solutions knows a lot about.

As a third-party inspector for McKenzie, Travis inspects all of our buildings during and after construction. He’s also essential to the planning stages, where he reviews prints and specs to make sure they meet the latest requirements of the new Indiana Energy Building Code.

And for some Indiana homeowners, the energy, cost, and comfort savings of a home that meets the new requirements could be worth the move.

“Homes are built a heck of a lot better now than just two or three years ago,” says Travis. “If you’re comparing a new home to an existing home—even one from just three years ago—the utility bills are probably 30% lower in that brand new home.”

Complete turnkey comfort for homeowners

Combined with automatic service maintenance, a new home can give owners the rare comfort that only comes with knowing everything is working exactly as it should be, no matter what the weather brings. And to make sure McKenzie homeowners can take advantage of that all-inclusive comfort, each of our new homes comes with a high-efficiency furnace and water heater as well as one year of maintenance-free service from Edge Guys.

Because when the season’s firsts come around, we believe homeowners should get to spend more time taking it all in—and less time cleaning it all up.

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