Five Design Trends that have Expired
Five Design Trends that have Expired

Settling into your new home is a fun adventure. The possibilities are limitless—from paint colors to area rugs to hardware and lighting.

To draw inspiration, it’s easy to seek help from the Internet, which is filled with more design tips and advice than Martha Stewart herself. But just because information on trends is there doesn’t make it worthwhile.

We’ve honed in on a few crazes that are reaching their apex of popularity, and for good reason—they’re being phased out.

Chevron print

As the most popular trend of 2014, Chevron was seen on everything from rugs to curtains to placemats. In fact, it was seen so much, many designers have deemed the zigzagged pattern a “passing fad.”

Instead, try something classic like Herringbone, or go with a solid, textured color.

Period rooms/homes

Midcentury Modern designs are at their peak popularity, maybe even more so than when they were actually current. And while designing your new den, kitchen, or living room to mimic these simplistic styles is tempting, you may want to stay away from devoting an entire room—let alone home—to this trend.

In twenty years, who knows where trends will be, but you may regret feeling like you’re walking into the 60s every time you step foot in your home. Instead of overloading and getting too far into an aesthetic, try accent pieces or one statement area to focus on.


We know, they’re so easy—a plant that basically cannot die, even when neglected. And they’re in vogue. It couldn’t get any better.

However, their fame may be hitting a benchmark and plummeting. While one or two here and there is great, when you can find a design trend at your local Walgreens discount table, it may be a sign to try something new. Other easygoing greenery, like the Rozanne Geranium, is just as trendy, and more diverse. Plus, you can add that age-old “pop of color” without worrying about wilting.

All white

Whitewashed rooms have been symbols of elegance and class for years. But do you know what happens to a white room? It either turns grey or isn’t used. And who wants to walk past a vacant dust collector every day?

Instead, add those colors you love and create a livable space you’ll actually enjoy. After all, you’re designing your new home, not a museum space to be admired from behind glass.


Having a distressed metal table in your kitchen can by edgy, a lamp made from an old warehouse fixture can bring out an interesting juxtaposition, and a pewter countertop can give your kitchen an unfinished, yet hip feel.

However, overdoing the industrial trend can make your home look frigid, cold, and unlivable. A few things here and there are fun, but remember, you do live in a house, so leave the “ware” out of it.

So, how can I achieve a beautiful, current design in my home without all of these crazes? Check back in for our follow-up blog on design trends to dive into for the fall.

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