Six Pros of an Open Floor Plan
Six Pros of an Open Floor Plan

Are your current confines feeling a bit claustrophobic? You might be surprised by how an open floor plan can turn a crowded house into a comfortable home.

The right layout can enhance the environment, reduce stress and allow your home to adapt to your needs as your lifestyle and interests change. Here are six reasons to consider an open floor plan for your next home.

1. From space to spacious
The beauty of an open floor plan is how spacious a house can feel while simultaneously maintaining the warmth of home. Walls create a sense of separation, but an open floor plan allows a home (and the family living in it) to feel much more connected.

2. Comfort (around) food
No matter where you have seating available, it’s likely you will somehow end up hanging out in the kitchen. Food is a natural catalyst for community, and there’s something inviting about lingering in the kitchen with family, friends or neighbors. Unfortunately, kitchens are often ill equipped to handle the number of people squeezed into them. An open floor plan solves these issues by allowing for plenty of space for anyone to hang as close to the food as they’d like.

3. Let there be light
We’ve all seen homes where some rooms have several windows that usher in plenty of natural light while other windowless rooms can feel dark even at midday. An open floor plan allows for the entire home to enjoy the beauty and effects of natural light, from a healthy dose of Vitamin D to a nice savings on your utility bill.

4. Improve your social life
Ever dreamed of hosting a dinner party only to put away the thought due to crowd concerns? You aren’t alone. The right floor plan can allow everyone to feel at ease, including the hosts, by assuring there’s enough space for mingling and more. Forget your social worries with an open floor plan that enhances your party plans.

5. Friendly traffic flow
Stop the road rage. By avoiding narrow hallways, a home’s traffic pattern flows much more easily, which means enjoying each other’s company instead of being in each other’s way.

6. Use your space however you want
A rigid structure can keep a room from ever moving beyond what the original build intended; however, an open floor plan enables a space to adapt over time to the homeowners wants and needs. Enjoy the freedom that an open floor plan affords. It’s your home. It should feel like it!

Are you interested in exploring what an open floor plan can do for you? We would love to join your journey of discovery. Give us a call and let our team of professionals find the perfect floor plan for you.

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