Summer, Right at Your Front Door
Summer, Right at Your Front Door

Indiana winters are known for being long and unpredictable. But for four to five glorious months called summer, the sun shines, the blue skies seem eternal, and the ground is a vibrant green instead of a murky brown. During this time you get to pluck the cobwebs off your bike, take out those running shoes from the back of the closet, and bring your swimsuit out of retirement.

All the activities we can only dream about during the winter are possible — especially if you live somewhere with easy access to all your favorite summertime activities.

When you live in a McKenzie neighborhood, all your favorite outdoor activities are just a hop, skip, and jump away. Riding or walking wooded trails can be found around the corner or across the street. Swimming is as easy as a short walk to the community pool. And stepping up your golf game is as simple as walking out your front door.

Whether you want to go for a run, ride your bike through the woods, take a refreshing dip in a pool, enjoy a calming walk, or simply relax in your own backyard, we’ve got just the place for you. In fact, we have eight.

Take a look at our chart to discover which McKenzie neighborhood is the best fit for your interests. [click to enlarge]


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