The Great Outdoors: How to create your perfect natural space
The Great Outdoors: How to create your perfect natural space

Spring is finally here. No more dingy slush covering the streets, no more frozen walkways and skin-biting air, no more monotone, off-white landscapes. The trees are budding, the grass is visible, and flowers are sprouting up everywhere. The good side of Mother Nature is here for a while; do you have a comfortable space for her to stay?

Creating your ideal outdoor area

Now that the weather is warming up and spending time outside is a reality, not just a daydream, it’s important to have a space that’s unique and fitting for you, your family, and your guests. Leslie Whikeheart, landscape designer for our Mill Ridge Farms community, has a few suggestions for how you can make your yard into an outdoor paradise.

Blend the rules

If you have a smaller outdoor space, don’t fret, you can use blending techniques to create the illusion of a larger space. Your patio can appear as an extension of your home instead of a completely separate feature. This way, you get a cohesive and fluid feel.

“Blend outdoor rooms together so when you’re on both rooms in the patio you can enjoy each of the features,” Whikeheart says.

Break up!

One of the best things about being outdoors is the seemingly endless amount of space; sometimes it can feel limitless. This feeling can be mimicked when designing your contained space. Hard surfaces, like your floor, can give spaces a small, condensed feeling. By breaking up hard surfaces, through multi-levels or using the same style of flooring, you can achieve that boundless outdoor atmosphere.

“Any time you can break up a hard surface – the floor of the outdoor space- the two levels can create two spaces,” Whikeheart says. “When you are able to do that and successfully incorporate features that blend together, it completes a backyard living space by combining the features and livability into one while still creating those separate rooms.”

Character infusion

Dimensions and space aren’t the only things to focus on when perfecting your patio. Adding charming furniture, fire pits, or one of our favorites, a pergola, can instantly add character and personalize your space.

Thinking of your outdoor area as a part of your home will help you find the perfect balance of nature and modern living. Play around, gather ideas, and find what works for you and your home. Mother Nature, and those lazy Sundays will thank you.

Come visit the space we’ve created using these guidelines at our new decorated model at Mill Ridge Farms.


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